Siam and Blue Springs Loops

Siam and Blue Springs Loops, 25.0 miles, 1,475’ elevation

● start/end at parking lot (portable restroom) near south end of Tweetsie Trail in Elizabethton, at intersection of Blue Ridge Dr. and Stateline Rd. (near Snap-On Tools)

This ride starts with a 1.6 mile warm-up on the unpaved but road-bike-friendly Tweetsie Trail. Bicyclists will enjoy cycling (or walking their bikes) through the historic Elizabethton Covered Bridge (built in 1882). Remember your cue sheet as this route takes you over rolling hills on many lightly traveled rural roads. Route has two short climbs. One is a CAT 4 and the other a CAT 5. Spectacular mountain views and scenic rivers are ahead. Roads that follow the Doe and Watauga Rivers are popular with cyclists in spring, summer and fall, and with fly fishermen year round.

Cue Sheet: Siam and Blue Springs Loops
Miles Action and Landmark/Road
0.0     start at parking lot at intersection of Blue Ridge Dr. and Stateline Rd.
0.0     right onto Tweetsie Trail, head north towards Elizabethton town center
1.6      right onto Hattie Ave.
1.8     ride or walk bike on Covered Bridge over Doe River, now on 3rd St.
1.9     right onto So. Main St.
2.1     left onto 6th St.,
2.1     Cat Island Park, right onto paved bike trail
2.3     bike trail goes under US-19E
2.4     turn right from trail onto Riverside Dr.
3.0     left onto Charity Hill Rd.
3.3     bear right and continue on Charity Hill Rd.
4.1     left onto Old Charity Hill Rd.
5.0    right onto Siam Road
6.5    left onto Wilbur Dam Road
7.1    at stop sign by Watauga River, make a left turn and continue on Wilbur Dam Rd.
7.3    ride over Steel Bridge, which crosses the Watauga River
7.3    continue on Steel Bridge Road (about a mile)
8.1    right onto Blue Springs Rd.
8.5    left onto Campbell Rash Rd.
9.1    at intersection continue left on Campbell Rash Rd.
9.5    right onto Willow Springs Rd. (watch for cars coming over hill to left)
10.0  left onto Price Rd.
11.1   turn left and continue on Price Rd.
11.5   right onto Stoney Creek Hwy. (US-19E)
12.7   right onto Blue Springs Road
17.6   left onto Bishop Hollow Rd.
17.9   right onto C. Grindstaff Rd.
18.8   left onto Wilbur Dam Rd.
18.9   over Steel Bridge, which crosses Watauga River
19.1   sharp right turn, still on Wilbur Dam Rd.
19.6   right onto Siam Rd.
20.4   climb Siam Rd. hill, turn left onto Garrison Hollow Rd.
20.4   continue on Garrison Hollow Rd.
22.0   at top of hill (still on Garrison Hollow) begin sharp descent to Doe River
23.0   left onto Riverview Dr.
23.4   Valley Forge Free Will Baptist Church (on left)
23.5   right onto US-19E
24.6   left onto Hatcher Lane (walk bike across US-19E)
24.6   Elizabethton Electric (on left)
24.9   right onto Tweetsie Trail
25.0   end at parking lot at intersection of Blue Ridge Dr. and Stateline Rd.