Doe River Fishing Trail (DRiFT)

The DRiFT was established in 2018 by the Overmountain Chapter of Trout Unlimited. It provides public access points to over 8 miles of the Doe River for anglers of all ages. The upstream terminus is located in the Roan Mountain Community Park beside Highway 143, and the downstream terminus is located at the TVA access point on Bear Cage Road.

There are 6 parking lots which provide access. Additionally pull-ins for a single vehicle are spread along Old Railroad Grade Road. The 911 addresses of the parking lots are:

111 Stratton Street on the river behind the Roan Mountain Community Park playground (farthest upstream)

118 Carter Street at Roan Mountain Community Park, behind the Post Office, has an ADA fishing pier on the river

110 Caldwell Road at the Roan Mountain Disc Golf Course

Happy Trails Park on Railroad Grade Road has 3 access points

114 Holly Hill Road – Trout Unlimited parking lot

Hershel Julian Landing on Bear Cage Road (farthest downstream)